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What a challenge remote team cohesion has been over the last few years! If you are looking for something different and incredible, Tim and Louise would love to work with you to create your cook-a long experience.

How it works

  1. Chose from our range of menus as a team and pick a date.
  2. Over zoom Tim will cook along with you; showing you new skills and having some fun. (Lou facilitates and is there as an extra pair of eyes.)
  3. At the end of 1 hour 20 mins you will have produced an incredible main course and dessert for 2.
  4. We then leave you to enjoy your dinner together as a team in the comfort of your own home.
  5. All sessions come with recipe cards and kit lists for you to keep.

Menu Choices

Menu 1:   Meat

Main:     Thai Green curry and rice
Dessert:    Panna cotta with mango and mint salsa
Skills: Authentic Thai dish, Panna cotta- knife skills 

Menu 2: Meat

Main: Fillet steak, Dijon mash potatoes, asparagus and peppercorn sauce
Dessert : Tarte-tartan with homemade custard.

Menu 3:   Vegetarian

Main:    Wild Mushroom and asparagus risotto
Dessert:   Madagascan vanilla shortbread mille-feuille with Lemon Greek yogurt, Fresh raspberries and Raspberry coulis
Skills:  risotto, shortbread pastry: knife skills.

Menu 4:   Fish 

Main:     Pan seared sea bass, wasabi mash, lemongrass Beurre Blanc, pan-fried pak choi
Dessert : Chocolate brownie, serve with your fav ice-cream/ Greek yogurt
Skills: fish cookery, sauce making, baking , knife skills.

Menu 5: Vegetarian

Main:  Brioche bun halloumi burger with zingy Asian style slaw
Dessert:  Completely delicious Tarte Tatin with crème anglaise.
Skills: crème anglaise making, caramelised apples, slaw.

Max Coach Shape
Max Coach Shape
Max Coach Shape
Cookalong | Wellness Series | Mindcare Training
Menu 1: Meat
Menu 2: Meat
Menu 3: Vegetarian

Wellness Series

Meet Your Instructor

Tim Bond

Pastor, BA Theology, Professional caterer qualification.

“I am a larger-than-life character who is in love with food, hospitality and the shared table. I have 23 years’ experience pastoring a church of over 400 people, a BA in Theology and have trained in professional catering. I suffered a heart attack in 2016 followed by several life-threatening episodes of ventricular tachycardia. As a result of my heart attack, I experienced depression and anxiety for a period.  I am committed to being as strong as I can be in the areas of nutrition and my health. I love to surf, play the drums, and cook but not simultaneously.”

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Menu 1: Meat