Humanity is a superpower.

AI can’t:

  • See a shift in someone’s behaviour,
  • Respond to an emotion,
  • Connect without using words,
  • Extend hope.
I’ve recently been thinking about the benefits and downfalls of AI in light of my job as a trainer and I landed on a few key takeaways. …

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Getting to know yourself for free!

‘An intellectual is someone who’s mind looks in on itself’. Getting to know ourselves is the first step to understanding others! Mindcare Training’s wellbeing series does just that it guides us through a series of personal growth sessions in an …

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What the heck is a Boundary Breach?

I woke up on Thursday last week and went about a normal day. Within the first half hour of my day I knew there had been a ‘boundary breach’. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it! My teen had done something that wasn’t …


What is a Mental Health First Aider?

In the same way as  physical first aider would see the need to assist, provide care and support of an injured person until professional help arrives, a mental health first aider will do the same. Have you ever felt tongue …