MHFA_Mental Health First Aider Badge Colour

What is a Mental Health First Aider?

In the same way as  physical first aider would see the need to assist, provide care and support of an injured person until professional help arrives, a mental health first aider will do the same. Have you ever felt tongue …


Don’t Wait for the Mac to Crash Before Replacing The Hard Drive!

This morning I spoke to an awesome colleague, one who conscientiously guards the expenditure of the organisation even at personal cost. This is gold when you run a not for profit. As we spoke on zoom her laptop was emitting …


Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream If you are lucky enough to be part of or have taken part in an LMI programme, workshop or event, you will know how much we encourage everyone to allow themselves to dream, and to have somewhere …

Students learning foreign language with vocabulary

What’s Your Definition of Success?

What’s your definition of success? We easily get into ‘getting on with it’ mode. Days and weeks go by. Months pass in multiples. Suddenly we’re more than half-way through the year, it’s nearly (or already for some) the summer holidays, …