Getting to know yourself for free!

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Getting to know yourself for free!

‘An intellectual is someone who’s mind looks in on itself’. Getting to know ourselves is the first step to understanding others!

Mindcare Training’s wellbeing series does just that it guides us through a series of personal growth sessions in an intellectual way allowing for introspection and reflection. So how do you get it for free.

Did you know a large percentage of training and development budgets are just not used?

It’s time to ask for what you need!

Training and personal development should be a place to focus yourself on your next steps, to fan into flame what really interests you,- the stuff that lights you up, that helps you bring your A game at work and at home, that inspires you to thrive. Who wouldn’t want an employee that is working on themselves to improve interrelational skills, productivity and drive? But it’s more than that. It’s how it makes you feel within yourself, your focus, your own sense of personal growth.

Here’s some tips for how you go about asking for the budget for the CPD that inspires you:

  1. Find out what your company policy on training and development is it’ll be on your intranet, or you can chat to HR. This will help you challenge a ‘no’ if your lead says there is no budget. (Respectfully of course)
  2. Know what you want ahead of time so that you can be specific about how it will help you.
  3. Know when budgets are set and the best time to request timing is everything!
  4. List the outcomes specifically: increased productivity, relationship skills, team leadership and time management, skills with boundaries to maintain health, stress management, listening skills, authenticity and confidence building, capacity for extra responsibility, knowing your worth.
  5. Show your enthusiasm and commitment.

If you’d like some help putting together a pitch for a comprehensive personal development CPD package for next year do get in touch: [email protected]

If you are looking for something holistic, for you, with the knock on of brilliance at work. We have an incredible CPD package here at Mindcare Training.  Each session is fully resourced and delivered by a subject professional.

This is Continued Personal Development and then some.

Mindcare Trainings Wellbeing series is offered here in a bundle deal – 11 sessions and a free additional extra for 2023! Buy tickets here – Mindcare Training’s Wellbeing Series for 2023 bundle Sessions included are:

January 12th (9:30-11) – Goals and Motivation 

February 23rd (9-10:30) – Diversity and Cultural Inclusion

March 21st (9:30-11) – Communication

April 18th (2:30 4) – Resilience and Hope

May 18th (9:30 – 11) – Coping Mechanisms

June 14th (9:30 – 11) – Listening Skills

July 19th (9:30-11) – Loss and Grief

September 26th (9:30-11) – Stress and Burnout

October 19th (9:30-11) – Understanding Menopause

November 16th 9:30-11) Self-Esteem

December 12th (9-10:30) Identity

All the best for your 2023 year. May it be one of focus and personal balance. 😊


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