Humanity is a superpower.

Mental Health

Humanity is a superpower.

AI can’t:

  • See a shift in someone’s behaviour,
  • Respond to an emotion,
  • Connect without using words,
  • Extend hope.

I’ve recently been thinking about the benefits and downfalls of AI in light of my job as a trainer and I landed on a few key takeaways. Teaching Mental Health First Aid, we focus on the person in front of us – not a diagnosis with a list of criteria. We don’t teach standerdised responses but focus on recognising the utterly unique person, with a unique set of circumstances and emotions, requiring different response points or moments of connection. Follow up signposting comes out of a connection.

AI cannot do my job. AI cannot do a Mental Health First Aiders job.

Artificial Intelligence can of course do lots of other incredible things but it will never replicate connection and hope (the two core values of Mindcare Training interestingly). Your humanity is a superpower.

If you are interested in a deeper dive to some fabulous listening skills work; both verbal and non-verbal, Mindcare training run a Listening Skills workshop that you can book in house to train your staff. Here is a great link for some practical application of Active Listening skills from Virtual Speech or you could book on to an MHFA course.