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Christine Lewis (MCIPD)
Christine Lewis (MCIPD)Organisation Development Specialist | Certified Coach | Integrative Health Practitioner & Wellbeing Coach
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As a HR professional and Integrative Health Practitioner, I attended this course to gain deeper knowledge and expertise in how to support mental health & wellbeing. The course has been a hugely positive, empowering and insightful learning journey facilitated by a highly skilled, empathetic and emotionally intelligent facilitator.

Louise conveys the subject matter in an engaging, relevant and sensitive way drawing experiences and insights from her own experience and the group to bring the learning alive. I really valued how Louise was able to hold space for the group members during discussions around emotive areas including supporting suicidal crisis and psychosis. I highly recommend MHFA training with Louise.

Victoria Seller
Victoria SellerTalent and Capability Lead - IT Architecture Practice @ HSBC | Enterprise Architect | Solution | Diversity and Inclusion
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I was privileged to have Louise as my trainer on the Mental Health England First Aider course. I cannot recommend Louise enough as a trainer. She is has extensive knowledge of mental health and is empathetic and sensitive in her teaching of a difficult subject matter whilst also taking into account and supporting the impact of this topic on her trainees. A fantastic learning experience.
Maura Yates
Maura YatesResidential Support Worker at Juventas Services Ltd
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Louise is a great trainer and communicator. I have just completed MHFA training with her and feel that the skills and advice given will assist me in supporting someone better in a crisis, but has assisted me in being a better manager and more thoughtful human being.
Jamie Reilly
Jamie ReillyFounder at Reizia Digital
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Louise has an immense amount of passion and drive for the work she does. Since we began working together back in June - not only have we made some great social media content, but I've personally learnt a lot about mental health and wellbeing. She truly radiates expertise in every topic she discusses and is extremely good at articulating points in a way anyone can understand. I would highly recommend Louise as an instructor to any business looking to create a mental-health-first culture.
Jenny Boland
Jenny BolandHead of Development at Geological Society of London
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Louise is a hugely skilled facilitator and leader. I have attended two of her courses now, both were excellent; extremely well-run and full of useful information. Louise provided a safe and open environment to talk about difficult topics and I learned a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise as an Instructor.
Chris Seaton
Chris SeatonEducational Leadership Consultant with 3A Consulting
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I connected with Louise through a mutual friend and colleague as I was interested in developing mental health first aid across Schoolsworks Academy Trust during my last year as CEO there. Louise was a delight to work with from the early conversations about identifying our needs through the design of a MHFA programme...

to fit our priorities to the delivery of training and follow-up work. As a multi-academy school trust, we were keen to provide leadership by example so I went on the course, as did my HR Manager and a good number of our headteachers. The feedback I received from everyone was outstanding; so many were pleasantly surprised (I don't know what they were expecting!) I personally loved it and attending the course was one of the highlights of my 2022. Louise is not just a magnetic and enthusiastic personality, but she brings a thorough sense of integrity, consistency and transparency to her practice. She provides the sort of training that is never a drudge, but where you look forward to each session and actually feel disappointed when it's all over. I recommend Louise as a trainer and professional colleague without hesitation.

Paul Harris
Paul HarrisFounder of And Breathe Mental Health
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I completed Mental Health First Aider training with Louise, and she is a great teacher; she is professional, friendly and supportive. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I was very nervous about joining a course, but Louise made me feel at ease, and was there to help when I did have a wobble.
Alana Williams
Alana WilliamsStakeholder & Engagement Lead at Maritime and Coastguard Agency
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Louise really knows her stuff when it comes to Mental Health, she creates a safe environment for you to learn and listens willingly to those in the room. She made us all feel at ease, and discussed uncomfortable topics with us, educating and inspiring the room. If you want to become a Mental Health First Aider, Louise is most definitely the person to train you.
Annabel Stewart Bsc (Hons) MIoL
Annabel Stewart Bsc (Hons) MIoLIndependent People & Leadership Focused Trainer and Coach
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Thank you so much Louise for a fab course. You were well prepared and knew your stuff. Louise set out a safe place for all of us to learn and become more aware of the mental health issues that face us and today. She was engaging and easy to talk to. An amazing course that I would highly recommend.

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Wellbeing Series

The MindCare Training wellbeing series was born out of continued requests for upskilling and a real need to dig into the things that affect our mental health; our relationships, our boundaries, our goals, our self-esteem to name a few.

About us

Building skills to pursue positive mental health.

Wellbeing Mental Health First Aid training for organisations and individuals.

Primarily, Mindcare Training is a vehicle for delivery of the accredited MHFA England courses which certify you as a Mental Health First Aider, Mental Health Aware or as a Mental Health Champion.

We also have a constantly expanding selection of Wellbeing sessions, from which you can build a series tailored to the needs of your team or organisation. Do get in touch for bespoke provision.

All our training can be delivered either in the classroom or online.

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"I am passionate about care and protection of vulnerable people, understanding ourselves and others, and knowing how to best build supportive environments for growth and recovery."

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Informative, compassionate and empathic

The course was amazing and very informative. Louise was very approachable, compassionate and empathic throughout the whole process. I enjoyed and looked forward to every session and will definitely recommend to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you Louise for such an amazing journey on this course.
/ Mental Health First Aid course

Online course was really engaging!

I did the course on line and it worked incredibly well. Louise was so engaging and kept us all involved well. It was a good mixture of lone working, working in break out groups, whole group discussion and lecture style.
/ Mental Health First Aid course

Intense course, but totally worthwhile

Great, albeit very intense, course. A lot of very helpful information, and a great manual along with an extremely engaging and enthusiastic instructor. Everyone should take this course, every office should facilitate an in-house support network for mental ill health.
/ Mental Health First Aid course

Brilliant online delivery with amazing study materials

Really enjoyed the course and the fact that I have still been able to do this during lockdown has been fantastic. The study materials are invaluable and I will be using them in the future. Louise was a fantastic tutor and the whole online transition was seamless. She facilitated the sessions well and breakout sessions really helped with the learning. I'll be recommending this course to my friends!
/ Mental Health First Aid course
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