Wellbeing – Managing Anxiety

Wellness Series

Managing Anxiety - In ourselves & others

Aims of this session

  • To gain a greater understanding of what’s going on in our bodies and brains when we feel anxious.
  • To reflect on our perspectives around anxiety.
  • To gain some useful techniques to de-escalate in the moment.
  • To understand how we can use our anxiety to propel us forward.

Session outcomes

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand what’s happening inside of you when you feel anxious.
  • Look at different perspectives of anxiety.
  • Takeaway a toolbox of techniques to de-escalate anxiety.
  • Reflect upon how anxiety can be used to move forward.
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Wellness Series

Meet Your Instructor

Clare Thiel

Counsellor (BA, HND Level 5, BACP)

“I’m an introvert who really likes people, love to see people move beyond the tricky things which hold them back so that they can thrive and flourish. Other things which I also enjoy, in no particular order, include my kids and husband, the sea, cheese, chocolate and wine.”

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