Wellbeing – Mens Mental Health

Wellness Series

Mens Mental Health

Aims of this session

  • To understand the most common mental health challenges for men.
  • To facilitate a conversation around worry/stress and suicide.
  • To create space for personal reflection / outcomes opportunities.

Session outcomes

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Be more aware of your own mental health situation.
  • Be better equipped in supporting others.
  • Be aware of factors that contribute to positive mental health
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Wellness Series

Meet Your Instructors

Nick Howes

Managing Director, LMI UK, BSc, FCMI

“Good leadership and management makes all the difference; to the organisation, of course, but also to the success and wellbeing of each individual staff member. My goal is to help people lead themselves, their teams and their organisations more effectively and my belief is that everyone can develop the skills and attitudes necessary to do this well. I love honest, friendly conversations, almost any sport, audiobooks and strong black coffee.”

Clare Thiel

Counsellor (BA, HND Level 5, BACP)

“I’m an introvert who really likes people, love to see people move beyond the tricky things which hold them back so that they can thrive and flourish. Other things which I also enjoy, in no particular order, include my kids and husband, the sea, cheese, chocolate and wine.”

Louise Larkum

Founder & director of MindCare Training, Lou heads up the Wellness Series. Lou has brought together a team of skilled facilitators to run different sessions in the wellness series. 

“When the laptop shuts these core-values are still mine. I’m a mum of 4 young adults (ages between 14-22). I love doing life’s rollercoaster with them and my husband, even when it’s uncomfortable. I’m also a consistently slow runner – but I run! I love to be creative, walk by the river and I have a natural orientation to the sea or water wherever I go.”


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